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    Script to automate producing serval web graphics..?

    Pete Cardwell



      I'm currently updating our website and have the following workflow...


      1. Get product code from the existing website (e.g. ABC123) (copied to clipboard)
      2. Create an InDesign document 740px x 410px (using a web preset)
      3. Save the New Document with the Product Code as the name, so ABC123.indd
      4. Then I place or paste images from our Indesign catalogue artwork into ABC123.indd
      5. I've then got a script that will export all the pages into the correct folder : {local server} /codeignite/assets/img/product/ABC123/
      6. Resulting in:
        {local server} /codeignite/assets/img/product/ABC123/ABC123_1.jpg
        {local server} /codeignite/assets/img/product/ABC123/ABC123_2.jpg
        {local server} /codeignite/assets/img/product/ABC123/ABC123_3.jpg
        {local server} /codeignite/assets/img/product/ABC123/ABC123_4.jpg
        {local server} /codeignite/assets/img/product/ABC123/ABC123_8.jpg
      7. Then I save ABC123.indd to my desktop for later editing if required.
      8. Process starts again.


      My question is can anyone think of a better workflow to speed up the procedure - I've approx 1100 images to generate in this way!