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    Digital book with hotspots

    AlanCooper2012 Level 1

      I have a quote request from a client to produce a digital book aimed at 7-9 year olds. Illustrations will have 'hotspots' that the viewer will have to find by reading the text. Once these hotspots have been pressed the results will be recorded and points given.


      There would also be a multiple choice question section.


      Is it feasible for these results to be stored (online for example) from the user's iPad so that others can see the points scored and who scored them?


      I assume this will need to be an app, most probably using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Professional Edition. Please advise if there is an alternative method using any Adobe product.


      Many thanks

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          sjpt Level 4

          I'm not sure what the best products for that will be, Adobe or other.  Certainly not Digital Editions, may be worth posting on other forums.


          By the time you have that level of interaction you are really outside the scope of Digital Editions and most (all) eBook methods.

          If I had to prepare such an app I'd use HTML5 technologies so it worked on as many device types as possible;

          but I'm not sure what authoring tools I'd use.