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    a few pages suddenly blank and buggy


      I'm running the trial version of InDesign on a 64 bit win 7.


      I'm working on a cookbook, so the file is heavy in photos.


      I'm also a noob. And my computer has no internet today so I'm typing this from my phone at the moment. Therefore I won't be able to post screenshots..


      I'm about 60 pages in (in two days, so it's not as if there's a lot of time lost if I can't get this fixed), and I suddenly noticed that pages 12 to 19 are blank, save for 1 text box with 2 words on page 18 and two empty text boxes. I'm relatively sure this happened while I was adding pages and photos at the bottom of the document. My latest save that doesn't have this was yesterday.


      Trying to copy anything into them gives an error that says that some items will be to small and I should check my stroke weight. I can still copy things without error on other pages.

      Putting a text box on the pages causes InDesign to crash. Trying to delete the pages causes InDesign to crash.




      Like I said, in terms of time there isn't a disastrous amount lost, but since I don't know what happened it could happen again.


      ETA: for clarification, yesterday I made chapter one, which was fine. Today I first made chapter two in the same document. When I finished that I exported it to pdf to see the result, that was also fine, no blank pages. Then I added the pages for chapter three, applying masterpages to them, added in photos and that s when I noticed the black pages in chapter one.