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    Embedding Edge animations in Joomla: <body> tags?

    pixelwrangler Level 1

      I am working on embedding Edge animations into Joomla, (without the use of iframes) which should not be all that difficult, at least in theory.


      I've successfully embedded the Edge code into a Joomla! article, and a check of the resultant web page shows all Javascript files are loading and are not generating errors. When I load the page, the animation works!!! So, my workflow is correct, as far as the embedding is concerned.


      One small problem. Edge, by default, writes a pair of <body> tags around the animation, which creates havoc on the web page, as there is, of course, an already-existing set of <body> tags, and adding a second set throws the whole page into structural chaos.


      Can anyone suggest the best way to remove this part of the JS from the Edge output files? I'm not enough of a JS coder to see the obvious solution, here.


      Once this little snag is resolved, I will post the entire procedure for embedding Edge animations into Joomla articles, something I have summarized in a previous post.