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    Steve Grisetti's Extraordinary Online Premier Elements 12 Training

    whsprague Adobe Community Professional

      Steve works at helping people out on this forum.  He also has become a stellar teacher in video courses.  He has three at Linda.com, the online "skills university".  I took his entire PrE11 course.  Without it I'd still be unable to edit video.  Now, the mystery is gone, I don't get confused and I have a lot of fun.  Thank you Steve!


      I discovered today that Lynda.com has had his new PrE12 course up for three weeks.  If you want to see how good his training can be, watch the six free chapters.  Then, buy a month's time for $25, get access to all Lynda.com offers, but emphasize a thorough watching of the 3 hours and 38 minute training in Premier Elements 11.  Unless you are already a master, your video editing skills will increase exponentially.




      Topics include:

      • Downloading media from your camcorder
      • Importing media on your computer
      • Managing media with the Organizer
      • Performing slice, trim, and ripple edits
      • Creating a motion path with the Pan & Zoom tool
      • Speeding up or slowing down video segments with Time Remapping
      • Color-correcting video
      • Building custom music tracks with Scores
      • Creating fade-ins and fade-outs
      • Adding text animation
      • Keyframing video effects
      • Adding effects to your entire movie at once with the new Adjustment Layer feature
      • Burning a DVD or Blu-ray disc
      • Uploading your video to Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube
      • Uploading to Adobe Revel



      If you finish the PrE 12 course in a week or two, you can watch Steve's Sony Vegas Pro training and see what $500 software looks like. 


      Bill Sprague


      Disclaimer:  I am not in anyway involved with Adobe or Lynda.com.  The only relationship I have with Steve Grisetti is as a grateful student.  I have not taken the version 12 course.  I so thoroughly enjoyed the version 11 course, I whole heartily can recomend his new one.