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    ExtendScript Problem

    pixel_a_ted Level 1

      I'm new to scripting and trying to test out ExtendScript. I'm using Photoshop CS5 on a Windows 7 machine.


      I found a file ExtendScript Toolkit.exe in Program Files (x86)/Adobe/Adobe Utilities/ CS5/ ExtendScript Toolkit CS5. When I double click on this, the expected ExtendScript window opens briefly and immediately closes.


      What might be causing this, and how can I get the window to stay open?



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          Tom Ruark Adobe Employee

          Try holding the Shift key as you launch it. That should reset the preferences and start it clean.

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            pixel_a_ted Level 1

            Thanks, but I tried holding the Shift key as I launched ExtendScript Toolkit.exe and found the same thing - the window appeared briefly then disappeared.

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              Tom Ruark Adobe Employee

              Bummer. My only other suggestion would be one that I don't like but I would try uninstalling and reinstalling then.

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                pixel_a_ted Level 1

                Still working on this - do you mean reinstall Photoshop or just the ExtendScript Toolkit program? I hesitate to do the former as I have PS set up with some plug-ins etc. and don't want to rock the boat.


                As for ExtendScript itself, when it launches i can momentarily keep the window up by holding the mouse key down on it and I was able to do Help/About. It said it's version (and then of course disappeared). On Adobe's website I was able to download "AdobeExtendScriptToolkit3.5.0-mul.zip" for CS5 from the ExtendScript Toolkit Archives.


                Do you think I can just go ahead and install it? If so:


                o Will it replace the existing ExtendScript folder, i.e. do I lose what I have, even though it's not working?


                o Why would Adobe have an older version on its website?




                Edited to add - Is it an issue with Windows 7? That's what I'm running CS5 with, so I would think not, but as a test I just installed that download on an old XP machine and when I start ExtendScript the window does not disappear.

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                  Tom Ruark Adobe Employee

                  I would try installing from the zip file you found for the ESTK only. Make a copy of the folder first.

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                    pixel_a_ted Level 1

                    I installed the 3.5.0 version and it quits upon launch also. Had one of our computer gurus look at it and we tried other things like running as administrator, running in compatibility mode etc - no luck.


                    I was thinking of calling Adobe support. Their website says "complimentary support is available for the current version of most products." Does that mean they won't talk to me about PS CS5?


                    Thanks for your help.