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    Activating Buttons in Forms using keyboard only

    raeben3 Level 3

      Please help!  Apparently it is a known issue that Acrobat XI, buttons do not activate using the Enter key. But I cannot get the specified workaround to work -- hit spacebar -- to work either, making my "reset button" inaccessible.  The buttons work great when Manually clicked or if the Action is set to "On Focus" or "On Blur" but that doesn't help.

      I'm finding this is true with Acrobat Reader X as well, at least when I tested it.  Reader 9 won't install on my Windows machine (I have a more functional product already-- not). 


      Is there a workaround that works?   Maybe a Javascript that will allow me to use an Alt + R or Return=Mouse Click to activate the button? 


      I'm running Acrobat XI on a 64-bit Windows 7 machine.



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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Strange, the Enter key works fine for me with Acrobat 9 (Win/Mac), Reader 9/10 (Mac), and Acrobat/Reader 11 (Win). As far as I recall the spacebar functionality for buttons was added with version 11. There's nothing you can do with JavaScript that will help.


          As a test, what happens if you create a simple PDF and add just a single button, and add a script to the Mouse Up event like:




          I suspect there's some sort of problem with the document...