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    Can the HTML Workspace Be Customized/Extended?


      I've done an extensive amount of Flex development in the past and have done a lot of Flex Workspace customization even going as far as adding entirely new sections or removing existing sections.  However, I'd like to customize the HTML Workspace by adding a new section.  I've found a good amount of documentation on how to "customize" the HTML Workspace by editinng the CSS or updating JSON files to change/add/remove labels, etc but I have found nothing on how to do any real customizations such as adding new pages and more.  Is this possible with the HTML Workspace at this time?  What I'd like to do is add a fifth button the navbar atop the HTML Workspace that, when clicked, opens a new page within Workspace.  I've also done an extensive amount of CQ development so I'm perfectly comfortable working in CRXDE Lite and working with packages.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!