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    Email Receipt Field Left Blank?


      What happens to the email receipt if the designated field for it to be sent to is left blank? Is the email not sent, or will it be returned with an error message?




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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          Nothing happens, no address to send the email to.  If you want to ensure that users fill in the "Email" field attached to the Email Reciepts setting set the field as "Required" so they cannot leave it blank.




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            ckmarietta Level 1

            Thank you!

            The problem is that we have two versions of an application, in Spanish and English, combined into one form. So there are two fields that applicants could be putting their emails into. The email receipts are pulling from the English version of the form. I was curious what was happening to the responses for forms filled out in Spanish.

            You answered that. Thanks!