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    PSD Smart Object Output

    posterns Level 1

      So I work in production and tend to get files from one designer who likes to place Illustrator smart objects into Photoshop. This includes everything from headlines to small 6pt type as well as vector backgrounds. Since I need to send these files to various printers and have no control over how they output the files, I have been pulling his vector objects and recreating the files in Illustrator—he ususally has very little photoshop effects on his smart objects so it's not too difficult to do—just time consuming, as often the smart object is not to proportion when I export it.


      So my question is, am I creating more work than necessary for myself? My belief is that I will get a cleaner output from Illustrator (especially for small type), plus I often have to repurpose designs into new sizes. Or does photoshop handle vector smart objects well enough that I could just leave everything.


      Using CS6.