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    Generating a Link Report?


      I create PDFs that contain many numbered PDF attachments inside.

      (01 Title doc.pdf, 02 Expense report.pdf, 03 Summary.pdf, etc)


      I link to these attachments from within the "Go to Page View" link option. All works fine, but I am unable to check the link properties to confirm the right file has been linked. The properties displays the file as "PDF Attachment", not the actual attachment name.


      Is there a way I can script something that would at least generate a report that lists what each link was set to open? So I can tell if a file has been linked twice or not at all?


      I have researched as much as I could, and from what little in know about java, it seems that acrobat does not reallly read the attachment filename. Im hoping there is something out there that can help, a PDF Portfolio is not an option.


      ANY advice is truly appreciated. Thank you .