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    Quality loss when scaling down


      I have a Camtaisa screen capture video thats 1738x1188 (pic 1). I wanted to scale the video down in AE CS6 to fit a little better in a 720p timeline so i could do some simple pans across the image. However, when I scaled down (75%) the image loses a ton of detail and gets quite soft (pic 2). I would think it would get sharper - this seems totally counterintuitive to me and I have tried many options including continually rasterizing and making the layer 3d and scaling but no joy on either. Any ideas on how to scale the image down so it fills more of the 720 comp without losing sharp detail? I'm not zooming in, I repeat... I'm not zooming in - so that's not the issue.

      original AE pic.png<- sharpResized AE pic.png<-soft

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          You seem to be presuming that scaling down does not or should not soften or degrade an image. That is not correct. Scaling down requires resampling, too. Photoshop even has special algorithms just for downscaling.


          If you are downscaling a still image, do it in Photoshop, where you have the most control over the sampling algorithms used.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Text from screen captures and lines around application GUI elements are commonly 1 pixel wide..


            Scale a 1 pixel wide line down and you end up with either a line that changes color- black to gray - or two gray lines as the pixels realign to the grid... There's no way around this. Pixels that make up a raster image are a fixed grid and when you move, scale, or change their position some calculations are required so the quality of very fine detail, like the text in your screenshot, has to go down.


            When planning screen capture movies it is critical that you look carefully at the screen and decide which elements you can make bigger and thicker. Visibility options, upping the font size, even scaling up the display are often good alternatives. Sometimes the best option is to take a video camera and just film the display.

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              dshrode Level 1

              Come to find out that it was actually replacing the PP timeline with an AE comp that was leading to the loss of quality. CNTRL-I bringing in the PP timeline into AE instead was keeping them sharper.