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    Storing fonts on a NAS drive?

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      I don't profess to be a tech genius, so I'm hoping someone out there will help me out with some advice. My main workstation is an intel iMac 24", about 5 years old, running mavericks, 500GB root drive, 1TB FW8000 Lacie Time Machine, 6Gigs of Ram, connected to my home network and I have two NAS drives, both WDs... a 2TB MyBookLive and a 3TB MyCloud.


      My iMac has been slowing down little by little, and I decided to try an purge as much as is possible so that I now have about 1/3rd of my 500GB HDD free. I use the WD MyBook 2TB drive mainly for project data storage, and most of my work is Adobe Photoshop PSDs and PDFs. I do a lot of graphics work and that work requires a lot of different fonts.  Tons of free space on both NAS drives for fonts.


      So thinking back from my PC days, I seem to remember that only having 100 or so fonts active helped performance, and IIRC, I did keep my extra fonts stored on a separate drive.


      Would I be able to store my unused/inactive fonts on my NAS or USB drives? We're talking probably 800-1000 fonts. And would moving all those fonts off my root HDD on the iMac help its performance?


      One thing that is annoying me is that lately every once in a while, my iMac just freezes up. I have to basically reboot and then its fine... the beachball isn't driving me nuts LOL. Don't know why that is happening.




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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          I don't do Macs, but moving fonts off the boot drive sounds like a bad idea to me.  How big is the folder, anyway?  My main fonts file in my Windows folder, is only 500Mb.  But what worries me is that fonts are going to be used all the time, except when they aren't being used, so you then have to wait for the other drive to wake up next time you need them. 


          There must be better ways to save drive space on a Mac system.  If you are talking about uninstalled fonts, then that's different.

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            DrGrafix Level 1



            Thanks for your reply.  Interesting thought... moving all the fonts off the main drive... but I don't know.


            What I wanted to do was make up font groups and store non-activated ones on my NAS drive.  That way I'm not storing 1000 fonts or whatever on my main HDD.  Then when I have a certain client needing work, I'd de-activate Group X and activate Group Y.  I don't know if you can even use an external drive for fonts, so thats up in the air as well.  But I really need to get some feedback from a Mac person who can tell me if I'm spitting in the wind or doing something useful.