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    Masked menu with easing


      I have been working on a masked menu and the idea is to make it move only ¨y¨. But not with mouse over or down on the menu, but, over the two buttons UP and the other one DOWN... making with this the scrollable buttons mask in the mc and start moving.

      I’m using a action like this, and I think this is not appropriated to the mc, and I don’t know which action to configure to the buttons:

      onClipEvent (mouseDown) {
      ycenter = 170;
      speed = 1/50;
      onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
      var distance = _root._ymouse-ycenter;
      _y += (distance*speed);

      I’m working with action script 2.

      And, one more thing that is not working at all…I have configured actions like the below one to the buttons, which works fine while the buttons are not inserted inside a mc. When I convert the buttons to a single mc, they don’t work any longer, and I do have just one scene.

      on (release) {

      Does someone know how to do configure it. I haven’t find any tutorial to that specific function, and I’m running without time..

      Thanks a lot for any help:)