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    reorganized computer and lost my e-books???


      We reorganized our computer and now I have a new logon as a different user on the same desktop.  My problem is that none of my books show up on my digital editions in my new logon.  I authorized the computer (again?)  If I plug in my kobo now will all my books show up on digital editions?  Or, will they be removed from my kobo?  So far I haven't connected it because I am worried I may lose all the books.

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          sjpt Level 4

          You will find all the books are there in the Documents/My Digital Editions folder for the original user.

          Probably C:\Users\<oldusername>\Documents\My Digital Editions.


          You should certainly be able to open them from that folder (assuming authorization correct).

          I can't remember if copying them all to the equivalent folder under the new ID will make them all available automatically or not.


          You do need to authorize the computer under each computer userid.

          That can be handy if different computer users also have different Adobe IDs.

          In your case you must use the same Adobe ID for both, it sounds as if you already have.