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    Png files placed into PS CC don't honour effects

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      I am totally lost on this one and can't for the life of me work it out.


      I'm creating graphics in IDCC which are then exported out as png files to be placed into PS CC, the problem occurs when some placed images have opacity effects within them and when the png file is created in ID, exported and placed into PS all effects are no longer honoured. For example a graphic created in AI may have a translucent shadow, placed into ID it is honoured, but then exported out as a png file and placed into PS that effect is no longer honored.


      Have I missed something on the process? Time and speed and greater flexibility means it's more efficent to create from ID and export to PS, so please don't suggest alternatives as that doesn't answer the question.


      To demonstrate the problem I've attached 3 files:


      • a screen shot from ID;


      Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 10.53.09 am.png


      • the png file;




      • how that png file looks placed into PS.


      Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 10.54.30 am.png


      Why, when exporting the selected graphic elements as a .png file is it not honouring the effects, when they are honoured in ID?





      Thanks in advance for your help.

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          Photoshop can only show you what is in the file. Whatever image and transparency data are in the PNG is exactly what Photoshop shows you.


          It looks like in InDesign you have layers with different blend modes. But those can't be saved in PNG form -- PNG is just color and transparency, no layers, and no effects.

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            Hi Chris,


            Thanks for the reply. That might be so, but that brings up the really confusing issue where a placed Illustrator CC file into ID CC has elements with transparency effects - when exporting it with other elements as a png, some transparency will be retained and others will be dropped.


            An example:


            The files (AI) placed into ID. The files naturally and correctly show with transparency etc. that have been applied to them in their native file, e.g the glass beaker which has multiple transparency effects.


            Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 2.26.16 pm.png


            The png...




            Place the above png file into PS and it retains some of the transpancey from its native AI file and forgets about others.


            Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 2.33.46 pm.png


            which shows correctly, but place that into PS and the shadow e.g. beneath the beaker with its transparency effect is forgotten altogether and other parts retain their transparancey. But why?


            So the claim that Adobe programmes have total integration across workflows etc. is not true or there is a bug? If it's neither and there's an answer I'd love to know.


            Thanks in advance.


            Message was edited by: BrandHOUSE. The file has no layers, but it does have shadows created and applied in ID, and these are carried over into the png when exporting it. So a png does carry effects etc.

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              Again, PNG is just a simple image file format - it does not have layers, or effects.

              All it can contain is simple colors and transparency.


              If the PNG contains the shadow, then the shadow will be shown in Photoshop.  In this case it does contain the shadow, composited over white (which you see in your example).


              No, Adobe programs do not have total integration, especially when you are trying to use file formats that cannot contain the data you are using.

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                Have you tried placing the original illustrator artwork as smart objects in Photoshop, and avoiding InDesign altogether?