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    submitting through email


      Ive been looking for a solution to this form i have for years and im hoping this is it!


      I have a two page pdf that my clients have to print then use a pen to check off music they like that would be played at their event.


      So now, we send them a link www.thunderdj.com/tdjjog11.pdf and they print it.


      Then with a pen, check off songs they like.


      Then fax or scan it back to us.


      I want a form where they can check off the songs online, enter their names and it sends me the sheet as they see it on the screen

      with all the check marks.


      Is there a feature i can do this with?  Ive attempted to import won and use it with form central but i dont need stats.  I just want the form to show up as they had it on the screen with thier check marks via email.


      Thanks and hopefully i put enough info on this.



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          Lucia Lao Employee Moderator



          In FormsCentral you can create a web form or PDF form and distribute it.  Your client will be able to fill out the form (either web form or pdf form) and submit their responses online.

          You can then view the responses via FormsCentral / View Responses tab (select the web form or the imported PDF form, open it and select View Responses tab). You can select a row and save it as PDF

          For more detailed information, please see http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-1383 "Export a Response to a PDF file that matches the form design" section.


          The FormsCentral overview tutorial: http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-2731



          Hope this helps,