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    Using XMLListCollection with ADG




      I am trying to implement Object Model Explorer (something like Windows Explorer which would allow users to view & modify

      data in ORM kind of system consisting of 1000s of classes, so I need to dig into Classes which are 10s of levels deep

      (Class can contain other Classes or Attributes/primitives).

      In that case Path is not like a package, but true containment.


      Currently I am trying to implement a POC of such system with data in static XML.

      I tried to use Flex3 AdvancedDataGrid (with 1st column as a "Path", i.e. Hierarchical data - Tree kind of view).

      Tried to put data in XML, make XMLListCollection a dataProvider for ADG,

      was able to do it for simple cases, but when I do even simple thing like put a node as a data container:






      that data is not showing up in ADG.


      Can you recommend a working code sample of XMLListCollection as dataProvider for ADG?

      (preferable with Hierarchical Data, not Grouping. although for starters regular data is OK too)