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    InDesign Links / Path Name change on Mac


      We have 5 Mac users on a windows domain using Adobe CC.  They are placing images in to files as links. They are continually getting the "This document contains a link to a source..." error.  The one commong thing I can find is that when looking at the path name in the links pane that it changes from user to user.


      User one inserts link from a network drive that is properly mapped. Path shows (example) /Shared/Communications/Logos/Image1.jpg


      User two or three opens the same indesign file and gets the link source error.  Path shows /Volumes/Shared-1/Communications/Logos/Image1.jpg


      This was not happening in prior versions of InDesign. While I can't rule out a network or user issue, it's odd that the path name changes.  I checked the /Volumes/ folder and no duplicate names of the drives exist.  I have no idea why the path name is being modified when another user opens the file.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.