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    High Quality Display still a problem


      Hi, Have just recently installed the AdobeIndesign 7.5.3 Patch_All to help fix the High Quality Display slow performance problem when dragging images across each other in the Workspace area on InDesign CS5.5 but the  issue has not been rectified. Using View>Typical Display does solve the issue but was wondering is there another work around for the issue. Using 2011 iMac 10.8.5, 2.7GHz Intel Core i5, 12GB RAMM etc so specs are fine. File sizes are quite small ie: 2.4Mb. Any suggestions? Thanks

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I'm not aware of any issue like that but you're always going sacrifice something with high quality display enabled.

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            Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

            As Bob, mentions High Quality Display will slow down the screen redraw performance in InDesign. There's a couple of things you could look at that might improve it a bit...


            • Preferences > Interface > Options
              • Change the Hand Tool and Live Screen Drawing settings.
            • Preferences > Interface > Display Performance
              • For High Quality Display, try setting 'Transparency' value to 'Low Quality'
              • This should improve performance if your document contains a lot of objects with drop shadows and other transparency effects.
            • Also -- but I've not had this confirmed as working -- Preferences > File Handling > Saving InDesign Files
              • Disable Always Save Preview with Documents (I'd generally always leave this setting on, but have heard that it 'could' possibly increase performance when you disable it).


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              rayend Level 1

              Thanks Cari for the reply, I have tried the suggestions but with no change. In CS3 ID I never had this issue (my upgrade was to CS5.5) & always worked in "High Quality Display" mode with large file sizes. The issue now seems when I attempt to drag another piece of artwork (created with ID) into/over the base artwork, the drag slows down to a 'jittery' snail pace, moving around outside of the base artwork all performs as normal. I've tried creating new base artwork etc but still have the same issue. When using "Typical Display"the issue does not occur. This only happens with InDesign. Seems a disappointing choice to be relegated to a lower quality workspace display just to be able to work with ease on such small files. Guess I'm curious with the fact this didn't occur in CS3.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                I can't recall what the defualt setting was for Live Screen Drawing in CS5.5, but I would recommend you switch to Delayed if it isn't set to that already. This will give you the same behavior you were used to in CS3 as far as moving objects (they don't redraw until released unless you click and hold for a moment before dragging). Many older systems, and even some newer ones have trouble with Live Screen Drawing set to Immediate.

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                  rayend Level 1

                  Thank you Peter (Cari & Bob), Issue solved!! yes switching Live Screen Drawing preference to Delayed worked a treat. It definitely had me stumped as I had exhausted all options & was starting to consider re-installs etc so much appreciated. Can now enjoy ID in High Quality Display. Cari did mention Live Screen in her post but I had thought Immediate was going to be my best option without testing it!! Cheers