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    Opening older files with CS6


      On a Windows platform.

      I recently installed CS6 and everything appeared to be working fine.

      I was able to open older CS5.5 docs without any issues. I decided to delete the entire CS5.5 Suite

      and now I find whenever I go to open any of these old CS5.5 InDesign docs the small icon beside the

      file name appears as a "blank page" and simply clicking on it will not allow it to open in InDesign CS6.


      When I right click the file name I would expect to see the usual options in the Open With dialog box to include InDesign CS6

      but the only program to appear is AI. I did the "browse" routine in within this Open With dialog box, pointed to the actual InDesign

      program in my system but it doesn't appear in the dialog box.

      I've even tried going into System>Default Programs setting and associating the suffix with CS6 InDesign and

      the same thing happens, i.e.,  I browse to locate the program in my system and hit open it doesn't appear in the Default Programs dialog box.


      I have to launch CS6, point to the file and then it will open.

      When I save over the open doc it does not update the icon and the files as well so I have to continue to launch InDesign, point to the file and open it.


      No problem with associating Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, etc. with their usual file types which are part of the Suite.


      Any thoughts as to what I can do to solve this irritation?

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          Seems like there are nasty left-overs from CS5.5 in the registry. Adobe has that Cleaner Tool, but it is intended to solve installation problems only. It might help, but you also might be forced to install CS6 again.

          Let's try registry. Assuming you're speaking of INDD files, do following:

          1. open registry editor (Start menu->Execute->regedit) and open tree folder HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and scroll down to ".indd" key.
          2. check the value Standard for being "Indesign.Document"
          3. scoll further down to "Indesign.Document" and open subkey Shell->Open->Command. The value Standard should show the path to your current ID CS6 exe and have "%1" as argument.
          4. open subkey Icons->Current version and check value Standard to be "8.0". If not edit it to "8.0" (without quotation marks of course)
          5. Go to folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->Software->Classes and perform steps 1-4 here as well.
          6. Go to folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER->Software->Classes and check if there exists subkey ".indd" and if so, also repeat steps 1-4 here.
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            rastermaker Level 1

            Thank you so much.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Whenver you uninstall an older version after installing a new one you remove or damage common files that are required for things to run smoothly, in this case the icon handler .dll file. Doc's suggestion might work -- I've never tried it and I suspect it will not show the correct icon for the version of the files, but the fast way to fix this is to reinstall any versions you want to keep in chronological order.


              And I would suggest you keep CS5.5 if you have a lot of files to convert. You are much less likely to have trouble with them later if you export to .idml from CS5.5 and convert that instead of opeing and converting the .indd files directly.