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      How do I add additional headers to the form so as to create two differnent sections.

      There is an option of 'header' under 'insert' button TRHC but is is greyed out!

      Is there any way round this problem.

      thnks SImon

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          Do you still need assistance with this?  Are you creating a web form or PDF?


          I can answer better knowing if you are designing for web or PDF.




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            simonjohnson25 Level 1

            Yes would still greatly appreaciate some assistance!

            I am creating a PDF, and would really like to have another header section to create two forms in one


            can this be done

            Thanks Simon

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              Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

              Sure - you can simply add a Page Break that you define to create the new section and then you can add the same types of fields that are in the Header - Image and Text, you can add them adjacent one another (side by side) and can format the text as you wish.  Similar formatting options are available as are in the Header field so you should be able to get things looking good.


              You'll want to make sure you are working in "Page View" view mode (change the view mode from the View menu).