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    Need to calculate principal and interest fields on interactive PDF.


      I am recreating an Excel P&I calculator in InDesign, and then making an interactive PDF for online use and distribution. This will be one page within a larger PDF, which is why it needs to be a PDF. I've used Acrobat's 'calculate' option to make most of the fields do what i want them to do.


      I know only a little about Javascript, and I have been able to find and use existing code online for the "Monthly Payment" field (which was created originally in Excel using the "PMT" function).


      I now need to calculate the "principal" field, which was done using the "PV" function in Excel. I have searched and searched, but haven't been able to find a way to do this. I am hoping someone may be able to direct me to an existing PDF where i can copy the code or tell me how to do this.


      In addition, some of the fields don't seem to auto-calculate unless you click on them, delete the old number, and then click off. Is that anything i can control/change to make sure the fields auto calculate as different numbers are plugged in?


      I appreciate any help or suggestions provided.