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    Avoid using folders in Edge Animate when creating a banner


      Hi there,


      I have a problem. I have made a banner in Edge Animate that I wan't to send to a newspaper for them to put on their site with them as the host. (Don't think my little private site would be prepared for that kind of traffic if they took it in via iFrame or some other solution with me as the host)


      The banner can be previewed here: www.rasmussmith.dk/banner


      I make a zip file with the files from my Edge Animate project. In this case this is what is included:







      edge_includes (folder)

      - edge.2.0.1.min.js

      - jquery-1.7.1.min.js


      font (folder)

      - albatros-bold-webfont.ttf

      - stylesheet.css


      images (folder)

      - 6_square_splash.svg

      - 930x180_cruise_rich_top.jpg

      - alba_logo.svg

      - waves_high2.svg


      They tell me that they can't really use this, which doesn't come as a surprize. But I have no idea how to get the banner to them in a manner they can use, and this is the reason for me writing here looking for help.


      The said that I could try putting all the files in the same folder and sending it again, but that, I have no idea how to do. If I drag out the images from the 'images' folder and in the the main folder it's not visible to me in edge, like when dragging a file in to the 'images' folder and it pops up immediately under 'Assets -> Images' in Edge.


      Can anyone help me out with getting this banner online on their site.


      Thank you in advance from a Edge rookie that gets a bit better every day.


      Rasmus Smith