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    Bold menu/Text box within margins not working


      Hello!  I am fairly new to Adobe InDesign, and I'm using CC Version 9.1.  I think I accidentally clicked something, and now strange things are happening.  Both of these things started happening in the middle of working on a document, and were working normally just a few minutes ago.


      1. I can't select any other font attribute from the pull-down menu that says "Regular" in the top left corner under the font.  When I click on the little down arrow next to "Regular," the box turns orange, but there isn't any menu that drops down.  I can make the text bold through a keyboard shortcut or through the Character menu, but that little drop down completely stopped working.  Every other drop down menu on the screen seems to be working fine.


      2.  I can't place a text box within the margins of the page.  If I select the "T" button and try to hover inside the margins, it turns to a type cursor, and if I try to click and type, it starts typing in the text box on the previous page.  If I select the "T" button and hover outside the margins, it acts like normal (with a square shaped icon), so I can place a text box starting outside the margins, and then just move it in the margins.  Which is a hassle and very strange.


      Does anyone have any idea what I clicked and how to undo it?  I tried Ctrl-Z to undo, but it did not work.


      Thank you in advance!