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    PDF form not populating Subject line in email when submitted in Google Chrome browser


      Google Chrome doesn’t seem to work, but all other browser do.  In Chrome the subject line and location populate the CC: and BCC: fields in email client and not the subject line? 


      My current javascript is:


      if (email != "")


                      this.mailDoc({bUI:false,cTo:email,cSubject:location,cMsg:"Completed Employee Appointment Request Attached"});



      *I'm sure something can be added or fixed to resolve this so it will work in all browsers.  It is important to me that it work well in IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.  The big four browsers anyways.


      Sample image of issue:  Basically user is forced to delete bcc: and then click send.    Thus no subject line.  Which means a manual move to location folder from inbox will be necessary, because I have rule setup to sort the inbox based on subject line.