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    trouble with ordered list & page breaks


      I'm using Framemaker 10. I was using numbering and selected Numbered Next, but FM started numbering from 1, although there were previous numbers up to 4. This has never happened before. Also in the same document, FM is sometimes forcing a page break whenever I mark text as a heading. Any ideas?

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          Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The numbering issue all depends upon how the numbering is defined in the paratag and if or which series is being used. Some paragraph before your NumberedNext is in the same series and is resetting the numbering back to 0.


          Again, it all depends upon the settings in the specific heading parattag that you are using. It could be set to start at the top or it could also be set to keep with next and this is causing it to roll over on to the next page.