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    Licensing or DRM for an Air App

      We have an application that we are interested in developing.
      My boss just has two requirements that the solution needs to meet:
      1. We need to keep the data behind it safe and easily to update, which I feel is pretty easy using AIR connecting to a online database through php.

      2. We need to be able to make sure that only people that pay us money will be able to use the app to access the data, and this is where I'm having a problem with AIR... I can't find a way to ensure that when we give the air package to someone, that they won't give it to all of their friends... it seems to me that for AIR to be really viable to companies in the future, there needs to be some way to control who can use it. Adobe should really understand this point, else they would just give all of their products away for free (don't see this happening ever).
      Does anyone have any info on this subject, or alternatives that will meet these requirements?