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    An automatically assigned title is missing in WYSIWIG

    SangyD Level 1
      Good Morning everybody,

      Today when i am adding a new topic under the subfolder by clicking New Topic from the toolbar, the new topic name with the default text, "Type topic text here" is not automatically displayed in the WYSIWYG editor instead a blank page is displayed with the footer template in WYSIWYG.

      I am curious and not sure why is this happening because it was working perfectly before where the topic title and the default text would show up.

      Am i going to have any problem later by giving the title name myself in the WYSIWIG editor as oppose to coming automatically?

      appreciate your help
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          Who knows what else is wrong?

          Does this continue to happen after closing and reopening RH?

          Does it do the same in a new project?

          What version are you using?

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            Matthew Ellison Level 1
            It sounds like you may have inadvertently selected the option to base your new topics on a template -- and the template that you have selected has no content. If you want to see the default new topic content ( Topic heading + "Type topic text here") then make sure you select None in the Template field of the New Topic dialog.

            To answer your other question, it does not make any difference if you type the heading into the topic after you have created it. To ensure that the topic heading auto-updates to reflect the topic title, I recommend that you insert a topic title Field (Insert > Field > title).

            Best regards,