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    How is this done?

    J_Tremain Level 1
      Ok, I'm not even sure how to explain this so I'll just refer to the site that I'm looking it. It's Red Interactive Agency . If you notice, as you resize the browser window, more of the background image is shown. The background image doesn't get scaled, it's just that the background image is at a huge dimension and yet it doesn't cause the browser to show scroll bars, so I know the background image has to be a part of the flash movie and not just in the html. So anyone have an idea how this is being done?
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          You'll find tutorials for this type of thing if you google 'full browser flash' or 'liquid layout flash' or maybe 'fluid layout'. If you search this forum for onResize there's a good chance you'll find relevant code snippets too.
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            J_Tremain Level 1
            Ok, after much googling... I've figured it out somewhat. However my background image is getting squished when the browser is resized in height, yet it works as I wanted it to when adjusted in width. I posted the example I've been working on here. http://www.2474north.com/background.htm The movie might take a while to load. The image is 3000 x 2000.
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              Greg Dove Level 4
              Hmmm interesting. Flash has a maximum size for any one bitmap of 2880x2880. I haven't tried playing around with bitmaps larger than this, because I was aware of this limitation, so I didn't know what would happen to be honest. You have in your html embedding (at least in firefox) scale=showall. I think its trying to do scaling vertically with the bitmap because of that setting and because its within the image size limitations vertically but the horizontal scaling doesn't work because its not. Just a guess, might be wrong.

              Actually I probably pointed you in the direction of more than you want because when I checked out the demo link you posted it was also using "liquid layout" for some of the other flash assets that moved when the browser window was resized. It seems you just want the static image part...sorry if it was more work than it needed to be. (But perhaps you still want more than the static image)
              If all you want is the large image at the back, then I think you can just do it like this, in actionscript:


              Try putting that on the first frame. I would also reduce the width of your bitmap to 2880 if I was doing it.