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    Hyphen in XML row name causing problems

    weezerboy Level 1

      I have an xml file that I am trying to turn into a qury object so I can have the query interact with my SQL database


      The XML file has 15 rows and I have successfully got 13 of them into a query.


      The problem is that the remaining 2 fields have hyphens  or dashes -  in the row names. Like (WORK_E-MAIL)..See the - between E-Mail


      So when I go to set the value in the query with this code


         <cfset temp = QuerySetCell(orderquery,"WORK_E_MAIL",

         #mydoc.rowset.ROW[i].WORK_E-MAIL.XmlText#, #i#)>  


      I get this error message


      Error Occurred While Processing Request

      Invalid construct: Either argument or name is missing.



      Is there some way to alias the row name with the hypen, maybe like this {WORK_E-MAIL}  or like this [WORK_E-MAIL]


      I need to ge these 2 hypenated named rows into my query.


      Any ideas?