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    Duplicate Drop Down Menu


      I have a drop down menu in one of my forms that has numerous (over 50) items.  How can I copy and paste this listing to keep from having to re-type the information?

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          You can copy and paste a drop down if you need that data repeated in another drop down, just select the field and use the copy/paste keyboard commands:Crtl+C on Windows and Cmd+C on Mac to copy, and Crtl+V on Windows and Cmd+V on Mac to paste.


          If you are asking to copy and paste data from an external source into a drop down menu to populate it that is not supported.




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            ADESHAMMONDS Level 1

            Hello Josh,


            I have tried that it is not working. I have tried to delete the extra fields that I created and add another one. I'm lost.

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              Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

              Make sure that rather than having the cursor inside of the field, you click on the field itself - click away from the field and then click the handle on the left side of the field to simply "select" that field (the drop down) and then use the keyboard commands, this will create a duplicate drop down below the first one with the same data.


              If this is not working, what happens when you "paste"?  If nothing happens I would try another web browser, our application runs in Flash and occasionaly there are bugs in recognizing those keyboard commands but it should work in a different web browser.  You should also make sure Flash player is up to date: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/




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                how do i paste the copied field alongside another one? - when I paste it automatically pushes it to sit below, and I can't move it to sit alonside another field?





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                  Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

                  Drag and drop to move fields around...


                  When you copy and paste the fields you can't paste next to another field, the pasted fields create new rows.  After paste you drag and drop the field along side a field in another row, click on the very left side of the field and hold the mouse button down while you drag the field up/down to the row you want it, and over to the right if you want it to the right of an existing field.  The field can be placed on the left of a row pushing existing fields right, in between other fields, or to the right of existing fields.


                  There are a few fields that require an entire row and you cannot place the drop down field in the same row, those are the Attachment field and Ratings Scale.




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                    RobBenfield Level 1

                    Thank you


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                      Geckoz100 Level 1


                      I'm trying to copy a drop-down field with a list of the 50 states, but it won't allow me to paste it into another PDF form, only within the same form.  Even when I insert the second file containing the drop-down into the new file in which I need the drop-down, the drop-down field simply disappears from the source page.  Any ideas?

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                        Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

                        Hi Geckoz100; 


                        It sounds like your question is related to editing/creating PDF forms in Acrobat and not FormsCentral, if that is the case you would get the best help in the Acrobat Forms Forums: forums.adobe.com/community/acrobat/forms





                        PS - If you are using FormsCentral, is it in a web browser (which one) or the desktop application included with Acrobat?

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                          Geckoz100 Level 1

                          Thanks, Josh, I landed in this forum through a Google search, so I didn't realize I was in the wrong place.  I'm using Acrobat X Pro - thanks for the link.