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    Form Name - renaming


      How do I rename a form's name under Form Name from the original template name?

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          There are two "names" for the form...


          There is the form name which is what you see in the "My Forms" tab and along the top of the form when you open it from the My Forms tab, this name can be changed from the My Forms tab by right clicking and choosing "Rename".


          The other is the "Form Title" - this is what is displayed in the web browser and in Email Reciepts and Notifications.  The form title is changed in the Form Setup dialog box:

          Form top toolbar Form Setup button.png

          Form Setup dialog box.PNG



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            Does anyone here know if there's a form-naming Document Javascript where I can just go in and load a random list of names into the textboxes? Would save me a whole lot of time.