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    Can't select title


      Probably a stupid question - I have had problems selecting a title to edit.  It's superimposed on the clip.  When I click on it, the handles are on the whole monitor panel, not on the title.  I do have effects on.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Where is the title....in Timeline or Sceneline of your Premiere Elements 10 project?


          I suspect the Sceneline. If so, you need to bring up the Titler in which to edit. To do that


          a. Click on the scene space in the Sceneline Filmstrip to select the scene space. Click on the screen once to bring up a bounding box around the scene image.


          b. Double click the text that you see on screen. That should open the Titler in which you edit the text.


          c. When finished with the text edit, click on the Done button on the bottom right of the Titler right panel.


          If in the Timeline. Double click the title on Video 2 to bring up the Titler.


          Please do exactly as written and then let us know if the above worked for you.


          Thank you.



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            Dave0518 Level 1

            Thanks, tried this but no go yet. 


            When I select the Sceneline for this part, the Title doesn't appear in the Scene.  The clip begins with one of those 25%-to-full video effects to start the work. The title also has an effect. So anyway, the title only shows (eventually) in TImeline. So at step b., I still seem only to be able to get handles (bounding box for) the whole monitor.


            Thanks for the help!  May have missed something here, this should be pretty basic. There must be a way!

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              I am not sure why the title doesn't appear in the Scene space on the the screen in the Sceneline. I am envisioning a Video Track 1 - 2 setup in the Timeline counterpart.


              Does this title ever appear anywhere in the Sceneline?


              Would it be possible to post a screenshot of what your Timeline looks like (Video 1, 2, other) when the Sceneline is not displaying your title?


              I typically encourage the use of the Timeline since I believe you can see better what you are doing and thus have more control over your workflow. The Sceneline view does not always display everything that is in the Timeline view. But for those who insist on using the Sceneline, then I suggest pick Timeline or Sceneline but do not toggle between the two.


              But, I am curious why you are experiencing the problem that you describe. Maybe a screenshot or further details might clarify the situation for me.


              Thanks for the follow ups.



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                Dave0518 Level 1

                Got it work.  Unbeknownst to me, in trying the Titler and lots of clickingon the title in the Monitor, I had somehow created 2 more titles. But until I moved the boundary between Monitor and Timeline, I couldn't see them.  When I did and deleted them, the Select function worked as it should.

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Great job of sorting out the factors. Congratulations of your success.


                  Your follow up was very much appreciated.