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    Thread Queues

      Evening, All. I have been doing Java development for about 7 years and am testing the "Flex/AIR" (btw - flex & air have totally blown my socks off!!) environment for a new application I am working on. There are a couple of requirements that I need to address and am hoping that someone more knowledgeable can help point me in the right direction.

      The application "queues" up requests (by user request) that are executed in sequence on multiple threads. I don't see a thread object in the language reference. I assume I can just use a collection of thread objects to build my fifo queue. Is there any documentation about this?

      Also, I am required to use a local database to hold the data (there is a LOT of it). It is a desktop application (for now) so I need to know what the best practices are for local data storage. In Java/Swing/JSP/Servlet I would just use Mysql or HSQLDB (FAST!!). Is there any sort of native DB for flex?

      Thanks! Have a good one.
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          I think I found my answer - much to my disappointment. Flex does not support true multithreading. How sad. With AIR there is so much potential - but without true multithreading - it's like silicone breast implants. Looks nice from the outside - but that's all there is.