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    Build project with RSL

    Zolotoj Level 3
      How do I build a project with RSL? Can't find a sample of this in the docs. I have found for the command line but not for the Builder.
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          Heidi Williams Level 1
          The way to build and use RSLs is via Library Projects in Flex Builder. Just create a new Library Project, add whatever classes you want to the library, and build it. In your main project's properties, on the Build Path > Library Path page, click Add Project and choose your library project. A new node will be added to the list. Expand it and double-click on Link Type. Just change it to RSL and OK out of all the dialogs and you should be all set.

          Hope that helps!
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            How do I create RSL which contains mixture of My own classes and standard framework classes. How to add classes to library?
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              Gaurav J Adobe Employee
              The RSL for the framework is already part of the SDK. Look under <SDK HOME>/frameworks/rsls/ directory.

              You can create additional library for your custom classes and in the build order make sure framework.swc entry is before the entry of your custom library.

              In case you want to create a single library (framework + your custom code), the framework sources are shipped with the SDK, you can create a library project using those and add your classes to it and then generate the library.

              Gaurav Jain
              Flex SDK Team