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    Questions on installation of ColdFusion 9.0.2 version from existing 9.0.1




      I am currently running ColdFusion 9.0.1 enterprise edition, and plan to upgrade to 9.0.2 version. I understand that this requires uninstallation of existing 9.0.1 and performing a fresh install of 9.0.2 version. My concerns are below:


      1. For installing 9.0.2, the 9.0.2 installer (demo/ trial version) needs to be downloaded and the existing serial number (used in 9.0.1) can be given during installation to convert this into the fully registered mode - Please correct me if my understanding is incorrect here. My question is will the existing serial key (as displayed in the CF Admin page of 9.0.1 version) work with the 9.0.2 version as well?


      2. There are lots of configurations that are present in the existing 9.0.1 version - for instance the data sources configured in CF Admin page. Is there a way I can save such configurations from the existing version, and migrate the settings over to the new 9.0.2 install, or do I need to do the entire configuration manually after doing the new installation? Datasources is one thing that I can think of; what other configurations can I save, if such a provision is available?


      3. During installation of 9.0.2, there is a quesion on 'configure webserver connector for CF' which lets me add webservers/websites during installation. If I select "built-in webserver" as the option (thereby not configuring any webserver/website), can I modify this and configure server/site later on, after compeleting the installation?


      What would be some things that I need to be wary of during this installation of 9.0.2 from 9.0.1?




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          arun937 Level 1

          I did a successful installation of 9.0.2; answering my own questions, for the benefit of future upgraders -


          1. Yes. Only the serial number is required (as is shown in the CF Admin Page of existing installation)

          2. Configurations (eg: data sources) can be exported. Go to CF Admin Page, click on Packaging & Deployment, click on CF Archives. Basically, you export the settings as archive files with extension .car. Once exported from current installation, this can be imported by selecting this car file and clicking on the deploy button.

          3. Server configuration can be modified (add/remove) using the "Web Server Configuration Tool" that comes installed by default with CF 9. You can find it under program files (windows OS).


          I had some issues during installation. After installing, the CF Admin page would not be rendered. Basically no cfm page would load, since the extension would not be known by IIS (or the server you use). For configuring this, use the "Web Server Config Tool" mentioned above. Launch this and enable the checkbox that asks about rendering cfm pages (forgot the exact name). Once this is done, cfm pages should load. I had to enable this, and then do a reinstallation though.


          -- arun