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    PS CS4 and Nikon D800E


      I am unable to downlode images from the D800e to PS CS4 or LR 2.7. It tells me the file is not recognized? I use a Duel Mac pro G4. My wife just got a Macbook pro Operating OS9 and has LR 5. The files downlode fine for lightroom but not PS. What is preventing PS from recognizing the files from the D800? Is there a fix? Is there a plug-in that could fix the problem? Do I have to buy a new computer?  

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          Curt Y Level 7

          You need at least Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) 7.1.  For that you need CS6, or else use the DNG converter, latest version 8.2

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            allort Level 1

            CS6 requires a new computer, will the DNG converter load on to CS4? My computer is operating with a Motorola chip, a bit archaic, but can it use DNG 8.2?  

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              D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The DNG converter is a standalone application, separate from and independent of Photoshop/ACR/LR.


              It converts your D800 NEFs to the universal DNG format, which can be opened by an older ACR/LR version that doesn't have native support for the camera. DNG is still raw, and there's no data loss.


              That said, your D800 is a fantastic camera that really deserves the new raw conversion engine from ACR 7/LR 4 and onwards (process version 2012). The improvement is dramatic, especially in highlights and overall dynamic range. Compare the results for yourself to what's possible with Lr 5 on your wife's MBP.  Yes, I know, it's a never-ending race to upgrade this, then that...it never stops