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    Dxtory recording isn't recognized in Premiere Elements 8

    Patrick Perkins

      I recorded some footage with Dxtory, it can be played in WMP perfectly. If I import the same footage into Premiere Elements 8, I can hear the audio just fine but the video footage is just black. (The playback that is). If I bring the clip into the timeline it's also blacked out. If it helps, I'm using the Lagarith Lossless codec in Dxtory, recording at 30fps in 720p.


      There is the game video, game audio, Skype call audio, and my microphone audio. I played the same footage in Windows Movie Maker and was able to play the game video, game audio, Skype call audio, but my mic audio is missing.


      I'm not sure what I can do, I'm new to Premiere Elements and any help would be greatly appreciated!