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    Non-breaking hyphens

    pamz109 Level 1
      [[Re-posting my question because no answer since posted last week. Surely someone knows?]]]
      Non-breaking hyphens in WebHelp do not work (the hyphenated word breaks at the end of the line) when the help system is displayed in Internet Explorer, although they work fine (keeps the hypenated word together) when displayed in another browser such as Mozilla Firefox. I've googled and can't find any mention of it. Is this a known issue with WebHelp? IE?

      The code that RoboHELP inserts for a non-breaking hyphen is <symbol name="Nonbreaking Hyphen"><!--begin!kadov{{-->&#45;<!--}}end!kadov-->. I tried replacing &#45 with &#8209 in the source code, but RoboHELP reverts to the original.

      Does any one know how to implement non-breaking hyphens, or is it just not supported? Thanks.

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          Roger N Level 2
          pamz109 -

          Welcome to the forum. The built-in RHtml editor is known to take these kinds of liberties with your code, and you really do need to see a "&#8209" in there, or perhaps, just the html entity itself. This is where you might consider using DreamWeaver as your default editor. It won't change your code like the native editor (or FrontPage, for that matter) does.

          The alternative is to use a search-n-replace tool (like ReplaceEm) to process the files after generation.