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    How do I use an XML Data Feed or a CSV Data Feed?


      I am trying to build a website for a business I started. My drop shipper has a "data feed" that has all of the info for the products (over 100k products). The data feed is available in bot XML and CSV format. I have searched what seems like forever, and cannot find any info on how to actually make it work.  Can anyone point me in the direction of how to actually do this? I have both dreamweaver and muse.do everything?

      Do I need to create different pages and things like that? Or does the data feed

      Also, The data feed is updated every  12 minutes after the hour, every 8 hours from the dropshipper, so will inputting the data feed automatically change on the website, or will I need to re add the data feed code every day?


      This is what the dropshippers website says ...


      Files on this page can be used to populate drop ship websites. We recommend that you update the inventory on your site as often as possible, both to make sure you have all the items we carry, and to avoid placing orders with us for items that are out of stock or discontinued.

      The Bronze feeds, (i.e., ELD-B01.csv, MC-B01.csv, ELD-B01.xml, and MC-B01.xml) start the update process 12 minutes after the hour, every 8 hours at 08:12, 16:12, 00:12 CST. Be advised it takes awhile to complete the update process because of the many different feeds and the amount of data.. The OutofStock.csv, Discontinued.csv and InStock.csv feeds are updated every 15 minutes.



      Thanks in advance!