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    Poor quality DVD


      Using PE 11, I try to make a DVD from a slideshow produced in PSE 11 using JPEG photos. The quality of the DVD is poor. If I save the slideshow as a PDF and view on computer, the quality is excellent. What am I missing here?


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          jthinpa Level 1

          This is what I know: After I prepare a slide show in PSE 11 using my photos, and them am directed to edit it in PE 11 to make a DVD, the results are terrible. There is not a slight loss in quality, it is unwatchable poor!

          What I can do is save my slide show as a WMV file and then produce a DVD using the Windows DVD maker which is of very good quality. But, using this approach I lose all of the editing features in PE 11; the question is why did I purchase PE 11 if I can't use it to make a simple DVD from a Slide Show?

          So, while the article you reference is interesting, I find it to be of no practicle use in understanding and solving my problem with DVD quality. It is apparent that others are experiencing the same frustration and are looking for a solution.

          I trust Adobe must have some further advice to remedy this issue.



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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            When you do the PDF slideshow, what resolution do you select?

            What is the resolution of your original photos vs the photos that you import into your project? What have you been using as the Premiere Elements 11 project preset?


            If you have the time, I would like you to consider trying the following on a mini test run scale. For now I will assume that your set up is NTSC.


            Open a new Premiere Elements 11 project and go immediately to File Menu/New/Project. Set the project preset for




            DSLR 1080p30 @ 29.97

            Before exiting the final dialog there, make sure that you have a check mark next to "Force Selected Project Setting on This Project".


            When back in the Expert workspace, use Add Media/Files and Folders/Project Assets to import your photos into the projects.


            Use Publish+Share/Disc/DVD disc with preset NTSC_Widescreen Dolby_DVD.


            Do you see any improvement in the DVD-VIDEO Widescreen on DVD disc that is produced and played back on computer or TV DVD Player?


            We will be watching for further developments.


            Thank you.



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Meantime, how about posting a sample of your slideshow results to YouTube (by outputting it using Publish & Share/Computer/AVCHD with the YouTube SD preset) so that we can see what "unwatchable poor" looks like?


              Or take a 640x480 screen capture of your DVD playing in VLC Media Player and post it to this forum?


              Words like "terrible" and "unwatchable poor" are very subjective. They don't tell us if the issue is the file is blurry, full of combing artifacts, if the color is lost, etc.


              If you'd post a 640x480 screen capture of your DVD playing in VLC Player, we'll get a better idea what issues you're talking about. (Make sure you use VLC Player for your DVD playback, since it compensates very nicely for interlacing, which you will not see on your tv).