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    PS Premier Elements corrupted. Tried de-install/re-install from DVD. got disable PhotoShopServer.


      I installed Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 and Adobe Premiere Elements 10 on my Macserver OSX Lion about a year ago.

      I upgraded from Lion to Maverick recently and am currently running Mac OSX Maverick 10.9.1


      I was doing video editing on Premiere and it hung. I was unable to restart Premiere successfully. I just got the equivalent of a windows hour glass. I had to force quit the app several times. No luck anymore.


      I tried to de-install and re-install the app via my installation discs.


      I could not de-install because i could not remove one or both of the following:


      Photohopserver and dynamiclinkmanager appear in the install window asking to disable them.

      I removed dynaminlinkmanager from the memory but, PhotoShopServer appeared in red for a moment stating that it was not responding.

      If PhotoShopServer is not responding, then how am I able to stop it from de-installing and trying to re-install my discs?