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    Browser Differences / Slideshow


      I have finally perfected using the Slideshow Command to display photo albums on my website. The same photo in FireFox displays perfect. In IE it has areas that look like somewhat scratched off the color. I have put the original back on the server, but still IE displays the image as though it is scratched, and Firefox displays it perfect.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
          Link/reference and which gallery did you use?

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            mcgregorlink Level 1
            Thanks for your reply.

            Go to www.mcgregorlink.com, point to PHOTO GALLERY select the album VARIOUS PHOTOS then the 5th photo of a girl playing a horn. Created using the Fw slideshow Black(SPRY/HTML).

            When viewed in IE, the photo appears scratched, in other browsers it does not.

            As a comparison, go back to homepage, point to SPECIAL PHOTOS page down to same photo, again no. 5, and you will see the photo is not scratched. This time the photo was inserted directly, not using Fw slideshow. It appears ok regardless of browser.

            Again, thanks.
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              heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
              I remember when this was an issue in the early days of Spry prerelease.

              I couldn't locate the thread on the Spry forum so I'll attempt a resolution here.
              Basically, it required a
              background-color: #000;
              on either one of the #picture , #mainImage or #picture img tags at the bottom of your styles.css file. Try swapping that attribute and see if that corrects it.