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    How do I create forms that people can complete in more than one sitting i.e. save and submit?




      I have just bought formscentral and need advice to achieve my objectives:



      Customer can part fill form, save and complete later on and submit for us to capture the data.

      Customer can save or can access their completed form, as we need them to print it out, and physically sign a version for us for legal reasons

      Several different people within the customer's business need to fill out different areas of the form, so they may need to e-mail the form bwtween each other or each logon and complete their section.


      Are the above achievable? If so can I do as a web form or pdf? Are there any settings I need to apply to the form before or during creation? Are there only certain methods of distribution that will work?


      Other concerns:

      Our end customers are small traders that are not that computer literate and I worry that they won't have the latest adobe reader or the form won't be compatible with their Mac or firewalls etc and will struggle to be able to fill out, save and submit the forms for technical reasons. Are these concerns justified? If so, are there ways to minimise these issues?


      Any guidance is much appreciated. The package also mentions it includes one to one support from Adobe - how do I access this support?


      Thank you,