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    Cross reference not working properly in epub exported from IDCC

    onze ontwerpster



      I'm not sure whether this is a known issue within ID so forgive me for bringing it up if it is. I couldn't find any satisfying answer on this forum, hence my question.


      It seems that cross references between the xhtml-docs created from split ID document during the epub export don't work properly. They link to the text anchors specified as relative links. My editor uses software compliant to many e-reader platforms that removes all the relative links between the xhtml files within any epub and replaces them by absolute hyperlinks (http://). The result is... broken links all over. Their specification asks for the the anchor entires in the content.opf file instead of the relative links. Is there a way to work it out in InDesign and have the content.opf file contain the navigation to the anchors in xhtml files within the epub?


      I'm working with IDCC 9.1 btw. Would appreciate any help...


      Kind regards, Kasia