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      Hello everybody,


      I have following problem:


      I want to make an input field, which has different actions by different input text.


      Thanks to "redesign" I found the following code which I adjust in my project.


      It works with one input_text fine, but what do I have to do if I want to use two or more

      input_text with different actions.




      var text1 = 'one';

      var text2 = 'two';



      // prepare email field

      var userInput = sym.$("userInput")

      userInput.html("Enter your answer: ");

      inputAnswer = $('<input />').attr({'type':'text', 'value':'', 'id':'userInput'});

      inputAnswer .css ('font-size', 14);

      inputAnswer .css ('width', 150);

      inputAnswer .appendTo(userInput);






      var info = inputAnswer.attr("value");



      if (info==text1){




      } else{






      So the question is if I want for example ad a second input:

      if (info==text1){

      sym.stop("do this");

      sym.$("stop_here_01").html("do this")


      if (info==text2){

      sym.stop("do something else");

      sym.$("stop_here_02").html("do something else")



      I tryed different stuff but it does not work,

      maybe there is some help.


      greetings from germany