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    problem with cfcookie

    kalyani coldfusion



      I have some problem with cfcookie.


      No where CFCOOKIE tag or javascript fns are used to create  a cookie from the code. But cookies are created and stored in the local system once logged into appln. By default expire value displayed for the cookie file is 30yrs from now I.e., 1/5/2044.


      please suggest me some solution to delete the cookie file from client machine on session time out or browser close.


      Q : How can we delete CFID and CFTOKEN values from cookie file stored on client machine?


      Please let me know ASAP.


      Detaiils of my cfapplication tag


      <cfapplication name="xxxxxx" clientmanagement="yes" setclientcookies="yes" scriptprotect="all" clientstorage="Cookie">


      Thanks in advance



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          BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The attributes setclientcookies="yes" and clientstorage="Cookie" tell ColdFusion to store cookies on the client's computer. You suggest you use sessions, so your cfapplication tag could be something like this:


          <cfapplication name="xxxxxx" clientManagement="yes" sessionManagement="yes" setClientCookies="no" scriptProtect="all" sessionTimeout ="#createTimeSpan(0,0,20,0)#">


          However, with no CFID or CFToken cookies on the client, ColdFusion will be unable to maintain sessions automatically. You will therefore have to do so manually. Also, client variables will be stored by default in your server's registry.