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    Weird Indesign CC font problem...

    HD Schellnack Level 1

      Here's another one:


      It seems that I am having problems with selecting fonts. When I choose a font via the menu-dropdown at the upper screen, it regularly won't change the selected text. But doing so in the dedicated floating text-window, however, does. And here's the kicker: The next time it will be vice versa, that is the text-window won't work, but the menu will. No matter if OTF, TTF or T1-fonts. Most recent updates all around, even after resetting preferences.


      I mean, it's not like that is the least bit annoying in what is basically a type-setting software. :-). Does anybody know a fix for this?

      Carbon/Cocoa or not, this all feels rather like a step back from CS6. PS CC didn't run at all at first, but now that it does, it feels more or less bug-free, but in ID, the longer you work with it, the more weirdness you find that just wasn't there in the previous version.


      Has anybody had this weird behaviour as well or is it my system?