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    On a Parallax Scrolling Page, How can I start the scroll bar at the bottom on page load?

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      I'm working on a parallax scrolling animated page in Edge Animate, and it's a timeline of life on Earth. But we wanted to start from the bottom, or "Origin of Life" and then scroll up while our 'tree of life' animates in as the user scrolls up. We definitely know it's not good web etiquette to start at the bottom, but our client is determined. I am more of an animator than a web designer, but I was wondering how one might do this using a bit of code? We are using EC.Parallax.setup(sym); from Edgecommons for the parallax function, which is basically just tying the timeline animations to the scrollbar. I've already got the animations setup to go the right way  but we don't want visitors to have to scroll to the bottom first, as they'll then see everything animated in reverse! In my google searches I found something called an Iframe that you can use, and then a flurry of responses on how horrible Iframe is. Thanks for your help, we really appreciate it!